Marvel Comics: The Untold Story

"Epic" The New York Times

"Definitive"The Wall Street Journal

"Priceless" Booklist

"Indispensable"Los Angeles Times

"A wild-ride account" Hollywood Reporter

"Scintillating"Publishers Weekly

"Gripping"Rolling Stone

"Gorgeously written...abounds with the same strengths that made Marvels heroes so indelible in the first place: wit, drama, courage, smarts, and just the right touch of majesty." The Onion's A.V. Club

"Riveting" Boston Globe

"Essential"The Daily Beast

"Required reading...delivers colorful laser blasts of prose" Denver Post

"Revelatory" Miami Herald

"A must for any superhero or pop-culture fan"New York Post

"Authoritative"Kirkus Reviews


"A superpowered must-read"USA Today

“Sean Howe’s history of Marvel makes a compulsively readable, riotous and heartbreaking version of my favorite story, that of how a bunch of weirdos changed the world. That it’s all true is just frosting on the cake.” Jonathan Lethem

“A warts-and-all, nail-biting mini-epic about the low-paid, unsung ‘funnybook men’ who were unwittingly creating twenty-first century pop culture. If you thought the fisticuffs were bare and bloody on the four-color page, wait ‘til you hear about what went down in the Marvel bullpen.” Patton Oswalt

“Exhaustively researched and artfully assembled, Marvel Comics is a historical exploration, a labor of love, and a living illustration of how the weirdest corners of the counterculture can sometimes become the culture-at-large.” Chuck Klosterman

“Page after page, Sean Howe’s Marvel Comics manages to be enchantingly told, emotionally suspenseful and totally revelatory. If I knew more about superpowers, I’d be able to explain how he did it.” Sloane Crosley

“Sean Howe is to Marvel Comics what Procopius was to the Byzantine Empire: a court gossip of breathtaking thoroughness and exactitude, and a sly and nuanced writer. It is imperative that this work not fall into the hands of alien species, or we’re done for.” Luc Sante

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